Navarrabiomed researchers coordinate the publication of a book on brain protein analysis

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Navarrabiomed researchers coordinate the publication of a book on brain protein analysis

LEnrique Santamaría and Joaquín Fernández-Irigoyen, researchers at the Proteomics Unit of the biomedical research centre Navarrabiomed, were the coordinators of Current Proteomic Approaches Applied to Brain Function, released by the academic publishing company Springer Nature as part of its Neuromethods collection.

The book introduces 20 standard protocols to deepen the knowledge of proteins and their role in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders.

In this book, Santamaría and Fernández-Irigoyen, who are also professionally related to the Navarra Medical Research Institute (IdiSNA) and the ProteoRed-ISCIII national platform, offer a compendium of methods for brain proteome quantification, post-translational modification monitoring, neuronal organelle identification and characterisation, and bioinformatics tool implementation for omics data integration. It is meant to be an essential guidebook for students a valuable resource for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows interested in neuroproteomics, as well as for researchers looking for further insight into the growing field of mass spectrometry in neuroscience.

Book contributors included as many as 75 researchers from labs in Spain, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, India, the USA and Brazil. Many of them are regular participants in The Human Brain Proteome Project (HBPP).

HBPP is an international initiative sponsored by the Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) promoting proteomic studies on the human brain and follow-up projects to decipher the role of proteins in brain development, health and disease.


Navarrabiomed researchers Joaquín Fernández-Irigoyen and Enrique Santamaría.
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