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Navarrabiomed: the biomedical research center of the Government of Navarre 

Navarrabiomed is a public biomedical research center created by the Government of Navarre’s Ministry of Health in 2012. Its mission is to promote, facilitate and perform leading-edge biomedical research to develop and implement innovative therapies that improve the quality of public healthcare. 

In 2016, Navarrabiomed signed an agreement with the Universidad Pública de Navarra for Navarrabiomed to become a public center with the aim of promoting biomedical research and boosting the competitiveness of the region’s biohealth industry.
The center is currently organized in 20 research units and six technical and scientific services to promote scientific research and technological development: Biobank, Clinical Trials, Methodology - Health Services Research, Proteomics, Animal Lab and Experimental Operating Theater, and the CellMa Clean Room for Advanced Therapies. A total of 140 researchers are involved in providing these services. Through its support units, Navarrabiomed facilitates and promotes research carried out by more than 250 healthcare professionals from other public centers in the region.


Organisational Chart



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Governing body
Steering Committee

One member in representation of the Ministry of Health, appointed by the Minister of Health:

One member in representation of the Miguel Servet Foundation, appointed by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees:

Two members in representation of the Universidad Pública de Navarra, appointed by the President:

Two members in representation of the Government of Navarre Ministry with R&D&I competencies:


  • Managing Director of Navarrabiomed - Miguel Servet Foundation
Internal Scientific Committee

The person assuming the role of Scientific Director of Navarrabiomed, who will act as Chair:

One representative of each institution that makes up Navarrabiomed (Miguel Servet Foundation, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Ministry of Health) chosen by Navarrabiomed researchers.

One researcher proposed by the Ministry of Health’s Research Committee.

One researcher appointed by the Hospital University of Navarra, based on the proposal of the Hospital’s Research Committee.

  • María Jesús Guembe

One representative of associate researchers appointed by the Ministry of Health.

  • Ana Zugasti Murillo


  • Managing Director of Navarrabiomed - Miguel Servet Foundation
External Scientific Committee
  • Javier Benítez
    Director of the Human Cancer Genetics Program at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) and Director of the Spanish National Genotyping Center (CEGEN).
  • Amaia Lujambio 
    Assistant Professor at the Department of Oncological Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Member of the Cancer Mechanisms and Cancer Immunology at The Tisch Cancer Institute and member of the Precision Immunology Institute. 
  • María Cinta Cid
    Senior Consultant on Autoimmune Diseases, Clinical Institute of Medicine and Dermatology. Hospital Clínic de Barcelona; associate professor in the Department of Medicine, Universidad de Barcelona. Senior Group Leader of the Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS).
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The centre is in the premises of the Navarra Hospital Complex, close to the School of Health Sciences of the Public University of Navarra