Izquierdo Redín

Mikel Izquierdo Redín
Izquierdo Redín ,
‘Physical exercise to die young as late as possible. A challenge to modern medicine’
Targeted theses
Mikel López Sáez de Asteazu
Effects of physical exercise intervention on functional and cognitive decline in geriatric hospitalized patients
Robinson Ramirez-Vélez
Intensity Training and Cardiovascular Health in Colombian Adults: Results from HIIT-Heart Study and Cardiometabolic HIIT-RT Study.
Ion Navarro Amézqueta
Changes in muscle and blood metabolites and power output during high-intensity bilateral leg press exercise, with special reference to the effect of leading or not leading to repetition failure.
Cristian Alvarez-Lepín
Prevalence of non-responders to exercise-training for improving cardiometabolic and performance outcomes failure.
Xabier Galindez Ibarbengoechea
Effects of manual therapy protocol in chronic neck pain, with a special reference to a high velocity low amplitude manipulation techniques.
Cristina Martinez Labari
Efecto del entrenamiento de fuerza y/o una dieta hipocalórica en la síntesis de moléculas que modulan el metabolismo de la glucosa a través de la resistencia a la insulina.
Ibai García Tabar
Determination of the aerobic capacity in amateur to elite athletes and elderly men, with special reference to the development of functional strategies to overcome actual on-field hitches.
Igor Setuain Chourraout
Jumping biomechanics and function evaluation among both elite handball and recreational athletes recovering from acute anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. An inertial sensor unit based study.