Navarrabiomed participates in the consortium of the European digital innovation project IRIS EDIH

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Navarrabiomed participates in the consortium of the European digital innovation project IRIS EDIH

Last Monday, January 30th, the European project of the Digital Innovation Hub of Navarra, IRIS, recognised in the 2022 call by the European Commission as a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) was launched. Thanks to this recognition, SMEs will be able to access these services with the costs covered 100%.

These services aim to accelerate the digital transformation of Navarra's SMEs, increase the region's industrial competitiveness through digitalisation, as well as promote the development of Navarra's public administrations towards a higher degree of digitalisation. They also intend to promote a greater knowledge of the technologies that make it possible to achieve an advanced digital society, lead technological progress by generating research and innovation of excellence based on digital technologies, contribute to the development of business entrepreneurship at all stages and facilitate and develop collaborations with other European regions and other leading hubs.
Precisely, IRIS EDIH's collaboration with other national and European EDIHs will facilitate and allow companies to access the best practices and digital trends and the most cutting-edge technologies at regional, national and European levels.

Specifically, the services offered by IRIS EDIH are included in three technological specialties: artificial intelligence, supercomputing and personalised precision medicine. They are structured into five categories of services, adapting to the needs of companies depending on their sector and level of digital maturity. These categories are: experimentation and testing, training and talent, access to financing, access to innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurship and networking, and personalised precision medicine through digitisation. These services are financed by the European Union, through the Digital programme, DG CONECT, and by each member state, in the case of Spain by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism (Mincotur), with funds from the Transformation, Recovery and Resilience Plan. Therefore, they will not entail any cost for the companies that hire them.
Participating entities
The consortium of the Digital Innovation Hub of Navarra, IRIS, to which the European project belongs, is chaired and promoted by the Government of Navarra, through the Department of Economic and business Development and the Department of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation. The most relevant stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem of Navarra participate in it, including representatives of the SINAI (Navarra R&D&I System) such as universities, technology and research centres; ICT providers, professional associations, business associations and sectoral clusters. Of the 34 partner entities of the IRIS Consortium, 23 are part of the European proposal. The entities that are part of this European proposal, IRIS EDIH, are: ADItech, as coordinating entity, NAITEC, AIN, CNTA, Lurederra, CSIC, UPNA, University of Navarra, ATANA, Nasertic, Navarrabiomed, INTIA, CEIN, Dinabide, Tracasa Instrumental, Tracasa global, Nagrifood, CEN, Chamber of Navarra, Cluster Functional Print, Citi Navarra, Econet and the Professional Association of Engineers of Navarra.  In addition to the Government of Navarra and SODENA, which are associated with the project.

Representantes de IRIS EDIH
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