NAGEN 1000: diagnosis of rare genetic disorders through whole genome sequencing

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NAGEN 1000: diagnosis of rare genetic disorders through whole genome sequencing

Navarrabiomed has led the NAGEN: Navarra Genome 1000 project since 2016. The project focuses on whole genome sequencing for a new approach to rare genetic disorders in the Navarra Health System-Osasunbidea (SNS-O). So far, thanks to collaboration with doctors from 18 medical specialties at the Navarra Hospital Complex (CHN), the study includes data about 400 patients and their relatives, precise diagnoses for 25 per cent patients and identification of possible causes for another 25 per cent.

The patients that are part of the study had not been accurately diagnosed, despite having been treated by several specialists and having taken a large number of traditional tests. Angel Alonso, the coordinator of the project, highlighted the project’s relevance to healthcare services: ‘Making genomic analysis available to the public health system is revolutionary. It means a significant change in the clinical approach to patients with rare genetic disorders.’

Impact on the patient and their family

On the occasion of Rare Disease Day on the last day of February, it is worth mentioning that about 6 per cent of the global population are individuals with rare diseases. In Navarra, their number amounts to 38,000. At present, there are 7000 types of rare diseases, most of them of genetic origin.

In many cases, genetic testing enables the patient and their family to get a deeper knowledge of their condition and its progression, to understand how a genetic disease is inherited and to learn about the risks for other family members. The emotional significance of finding answers to the questions posed by the symptoms – which sometimes have remained unanswered for too long – means putting an end to uncertainty and isolation for most patients with rare diseases.

NAGEN 1000: a pioneering project in Spain

NAGEN 1000 is a ground-breaking project at the national level, placing Navarra at the forefront of genomic analysis and technology. The project was introduced last year at the Senate Presentation of Genomic Studies, whose conclusions were approved in 2019, thus green-lighting the development of a national strategy for personalised medicine.

Currently, the project’s methods, procedures and infrastructure are being transferred to daily clinical practice in SNS-O, to the benefit of the people of Navarra.

NAGEN 1000 is financed by the Economic Development Department at the Directorate-General for Industry, Energy and Innovation within the framework of the Intelligent Specialisation Strategy S3. It is being developed by a consortium made of CHN, Nasertic (a company run by the Government of Navarra), Avantia and Navarrabiomed, leader and coordinator of the project, with the support of the Directorate-General for Information Technology, Telecommunications and Public Information (DIGITIP), and the cooperation of the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (CNAG-CRG) and the Clinical Bioinformatics Research Area into Rare Diseases (CIBERER) of Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII).