A delegation from the Basque Country visits Navarrabiomed to learn about the NAGEN Programme

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A delegation from the Basque Country visits Navarrabiomed to learn about the NAGEN Programme

A group of representatives from the clinical and research field of the Basque Country has visited Navarrabiomed to learn first-hand about the NAGEN strategic initiative. The group has been able to find out the origin of the NAGEN Programme and the implementation of the internal circuits and infrastructures for the implementation of genome analysis technology in the Navarra healthcare system.

Specifically, on behalf of Osakidetza: Nekane Murga, Director of Precision Medicine and Leire Otaolea, head of Clinical Management - Genetic Analysis of Álava. From the Basque Foundation for health innovation and research BIOEF Sergio Cardoso, responsible for the Innosasun Programme, attended and from the Biocruces Health Research Institute the manager Mª Luz de Valle attended; Eunate Arana, scientific coordinator; Esther Sarasola, member of the Genetics-Genomics Platform; Edorta Ander Pérez García, from the infrastructure team and Xabier Elcoroaristizabal, coordinator of the Genetics-Genomics Platform. 

Edurne Echeverría and Angel Alonso, responsible for the management and IP office of Genomic Medicine of Navarrabiomed respectively, have been in charge of explaining the programme and the six projects that compose it for the development of genomic medicine in the Navarra Health Service – Osasunbidea (NAGEN 1000, pharmaNAGEN, NAGENCOL, NAGEN PEDIATRICS, NAGEN Mx and ReproNAGEN)

Likewise, also present was Gonzalo Rodríguez, Director of Personalised Medicine and Laboratories of NASERTIC, a public company that participates in the NAGEN Programme for the development of the massive sequencing of each of the projects.

After the meeting, the group was able to visit the Genomic Medicine laboratories and also learn about the equipment and projects developed by the scientific-technical service of Proteomics led by Joaquín Fernández. 

This meeting has served as an exchange of good practices between autonomous communities and opens the doors to future institutional collaborations.