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HISTOREF_A new approach to share human samples across biobanks of both sides of Pyrenees

REFBIO was born to increase the interconnection and complementarity among players in biohealth sector by intensifying cross-border cooperation. In this regard, Biobanks of REFBIO institutions, as human samples reservoirs for biomedical research, play a key role to promote collaboration between researchers. Therefore, we need to open and offer the scollections deposited in biobanks to the scientific community. Although REFBIO biobanks have published their sample collection, since they were collected, diagnosed and classified by different professionals, it results complicate to search specific cases, notably for rare diseases.
The Basque Biobank leads the development of a new searchingThe Basque Biobank leads the development of a new searching tool (www.biopoolproject.eu) for on line queries of human sample based on histological images and clinical data. The final goal of BIOPOOL is to create a worldwide network of biobanks to share and pool samples for the researchers who need a high number of samples, especially in the case of rare diseases.
The biobanks of REFBIO could incorporate this technology to strength the ability to share their samples and to work together as a network. All the Biobanks of REFBIO are enrolled in this approach with the aim of analyzing and testing the technical and ethical requirements to incorporate the biobanks of REFBIO to BIOPOOL network. Five institutions (BIOEF, Aragon Institute of Health-IACS, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire-Midi-Pyrénéesa, Miguel Servet Foundation- Navarra, Biomedical Research Center-La Rioja) from Spain and France will participate in HISTOREF proposal. As a result, we will improve the France-Spain collaborations and establish a framework for future collaborations at the European level among the REFBIO members, in the frame of Horizon.

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Gil Aldea Isabel +(34) 848 422673 Coordinación del Biobanco.
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